Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Week 13. Weekly Debrief! And future Weekly Debriefs

Hello fellow humans! The upcoming weekly debriefs will be postponed as we are trying to keep our latest project a secret from our client! All progress pictures and information for the final project will be updated before the final project is due. This week and the upcoming weeks, are all work time for the final project. Please be patient, and keep tuning in for the final product!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Week 12 Weekly Debrief!

Hello fellow humans!! Welcome to the 12th edition of the Weekly Debrief!! This week we presented our project 3 ideas to our client and the class. The project that gets to come with us to the dance is.... The Gotham City Bats baseball team of the Planetary Baseball League in the 21st century!!! Congratulation Gotham City Bats!!

As a prize for winning this high stakes competition you get a new logo! Behind door number 1 (and our only door due to budget purposes) we have your logo ready!

In other exciting news. Thomas was not in class on Thursday!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Project 3 - Research Time!


Create a light up signage for Quark's Bar, Grill, Gaming House and Holosuite Arcade, or Quark's Bar from Deep Space 9. Quark's Bar was a popular recreational facility located on the space station Deep Space 9.
  -Create logotype for signage

Create a light up signage for the the Gotham City Bats. A professional baseball team of the Planetary Baseball League in the 21st century. Team is listed on a baseball card in the Deep Space 9 series.
-Create logo

Create a light up signage for the Shipyard Bar. A bar and recreational facility from the alternate reality in Star Trek (the new movies)
-Redesign logo

Friday, March 30, 2018

Week 11 Debrief!

Hello fellow humans!! Welcome to the 11th edition of the Weekly Debrief!! This week we had critique for Project 2.

Mr. Pengu II got some packaging!

Mr. Pengu II also got a light, so he could let his cuteness shine!

Joining the fun was the other 3D print: "Name in progress" *If you have a name suggestion for this 3D print, please comment down below. Do not forget to subscribe, and hit the notification button to get notified of our latest content. 

Also this week, for Project 3, our professor Thomas Asmuth has turned into our client! This client has hired us (payment in grades, and love) to develop a figurine, model, wearable, etc, based on the Star Trek universe created by Gene Roddenberry.  This week it's research time! 

Please tune in next week when we continue the mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before. 

Friday, March 23, 2018

Week 10 Debrief!

We are back fellow humans!! Welcome to the 10th edition of the Weekly Debrief!! The 9th edition was lost in the dark webs due to unforeseen circumstances caused by the annual event humans call "Spring Break."

(Insert random gif, since we can't think of appropriate gif for this week)

This week we got to finish one of our adorable chimeras: Mr. Pengu II

Mr. Pengu I

Mr. Pengu II

(We apologize for the lack of detail in these pictures, but the Pengu family are not really photogenic chimeras)

Unfortunately the original Mr. Pengu (Mr. Pengu I) died a horrible death. He lived a short and beautiful life, his memory will live on through family and friends. His hefty inheritance will go to his son Mr. Pengu II, making him one of the richest chimeras in the whole universe. Mr. Pengu II plans to use some of the money to make butterfly wings for penguins on planet Earth, so the penguins can finally reach their dreams of flying to space, where they can start traveling back towards their respective galaxies.

Also this week we learned some of Fusion 360, and we also learned that our next project will be Star Trek themed. 

Please join us next week when we discuss the humble beginnings of the most exquisite elixir, created by the Gods. This elixir is nurture by one of the most common type of large domesticated ungulates of the whole entire animal kingdom, and combined with a dried and fully fermented seed of a magical plant. Of course we are referring to chocolate milk!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Week 8 Debrief!!

Hello again fellow humans!! And welcome to the 8th edition of the Weekly Debrief!! This week, we got a Pokemoncentric episode!!

This week we got to 3D scan our one and only Jigglypuff plushie!!!

This is the adorable plushie!

This is the 3D scan of it!

As you guys can see, the 3D scan is not perfect, but it is good for the purpose of this project. The next step was mixing together some sugar, spice, and everything nice, but we accidentally added an extra ingredient! Chemical X! Thus this chimera was born!

Look at that hair! Setting fashion trends over here!

Also this week, we got a special project in the works!!! 

A 3D print for the student art & design exhibition! This was created using Illustrator and Fusion 360! Please keep tuning in, to find out how to get your hands on on one of this!

And that is all for this edition of the Weekly Debrief! Please join us next week when we battle an interdimensional being, who sole purpose in life is to create good vibrations by bringing forth the rhythm and the rhyme of Marky Mark's songs. 

Monday, March 5, 2018

Week 7 Debrief!

Hello again fellow humans!! And welcome to the 7th edition of the Weekly Debrief!!

This week we had class downtown in the Sea3D Lab!

We were greeted by our lovely lab monitors Christopher Borthwick, and Slem Lucio! (Sorry third guy, but I do not know your name)


Chris looking all fancy!

Slem without a hat!!

During this class we went over the different printers in the lab, as well as some of the 3D scanning technology that they have there. We also learned more about the 3D printing process. And were reminded that UWF students can print for FREE!

Another event happened this week! We got to critique Project 1!!

Here is the final project light up! A book cover for Cinderella

Top view, here you can observe how the light box fits in

Top view without the light box

Here is the bottom view of the book, here you can observe how the light box was held in place.

Overall it was a good critique, Thomas encouraged me to push this project further, using better materials. I would definitely like to push this project even further! Since, I really enjoyed working on this project. There are definitely a lot of areas to improve. That is all for this edition of the Weekly Debrief! Please join us next week where we uncover the mystery behind a secret pirate treasure that turns people into classic delicious banana ice cream sundaes, who struggle to face the reality that they will never be able to reach their dreams of being a successful KPOP group.