Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Concept for Chimera

I have several concepts for the final Chimera project. The first concept involves combining several different machines, vehicles, to create a robot.

Something like this, but made out of several other parts

The second concept involves creating a robot as well, but combining it with different textures. For the textures I want to scan them, rather than finding a 3D model for it.


The third concept involves creating a toy combined of other toys. I would like to build and print, the parts separate, and then put the toy together.

Something like this

MeshMixer might not be the the ideal program for this final concept, but I would like to try either way. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

New Aesthetic

The writer, Bruce Sterling, gave an interesting and in depth analysis of the New Aesthetic. I enjoyed that Bruce Sterling clearly knew about the subject he was writing about,. While, I think it is hard to give an analysis on an art movement that it is still going on, and in development, Bruce Sterling did a good job explaining what the New Aesthetic is about.

The New Aesthetic, as Bruce Sterling explains, is "an eruption of the digital into the physical." This eruption of the digital into the physical is easier to explain through images, rather than through words. So, here are some examples:


The New Aesthetic is a British movement, but it was born in the Internet. One good thing about the New Aesthetic, that Bruce Sterling points out is that it is easy to understand. In Bruce Sterling's words "your Mom could get it." While, anybody's mom could understand the New Aesthetic, that does not mean that it lacks depth. The New Aesthetic requires "close attention." The reason for this is, because the New Aesthetic often uses and is about new and short lived technological advances.

As any movement, the New Aesthetic comes with its own set of problems. One of it's biggest problems is that the New Aesthetic encompasses a lot of different ideas, that more often than not, do not go together. The New Aesthetic feels more like a "digital accumulation" of ideas, than a new cohesive aesthetic.

One of the main critics that Bruce Sterling has about the New Aesthetic, as far as I understood, is that the New Aesthetic has turned, or is turning into something that is created and dictated entirely by machines, and robots. And, Bruce Sterling argues, that what makes the movement good and interesting, is when people use their own vision to create a new aesthetic using the technology of machines, and robots. A major flaw of the New Aesthetic is that anything created by a machine is starting to be considered as creative, and innovative. While the visual created by the machine, can indeed be creative and innovative, the flaw comes when people start to believe that the machine did that out of its own creative judgement. 

Bruce Sterling's suggestion on what the New Aesthetic should be is, a movement that engages with machine generated imagery. A movement that builds a new aesthetic using the technology at hand, rather than just trying to incorporate already established imagery. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Week 5 (Part 2)

This week I was able to use the CNC to cut and draw my designs for Project 1. After deciding to scrap my giant paper Gundam idea for Project 1, I had to go to plan B. Plan B, involves creating a book cover for the Brothers Grimm's Cinderella.

This is the design I made for the cover.

In order for the CNC to cut every layer as I wanted, I had to set up every layer in different boxes within the artboard.

The hard part was to set up the drawing the correct way for the CNC to process it. I had to go into every single vector individually and separate or cut, any vectors that overlapped. This allowed me to have all my designs in one layer. 

This was still a problem when it came time to process the file. The number of individual vectors was creating a lot of travel time for the CNC.

The solution was to remove the stroke from the Ai file, and exported as a dxf this way. That helped remove some overlapping lines, and some travel time. Afterwards, in order to save even more time, I had to manually select every path while processing the file, and select in which order the CNC would create each shape. This process, while time consuming, helped shaved off about 60% of the original run time the file was going to take.

Here is the result of all the cutting parts put together.

Here is the result of the drawing

Week 5 Debrief (Part 1)

This week we started to learn how to use MeshMixer. MeshMixer works with triangle meshes to create 3D objects. Our assignment is to create two chimeras using this software.

For the first chimera I combined various animal parts and shapes that are within the software, and played around with the sculpting tools. I still do not have full understanding and control of the software, to go into as much detail as I want, but I was able to create the main figure of what I wanted my chimera to look like.

For the second chimera, I played with the sculpt tool a little more. This chimera help me understand the controls and different brushes that exist within the software better. The details are still missing, but I have a better understanding of the software now.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Week 4 Debrief

For this week, I worked on an idea for project 1. I took inspiration from Blizzard Entertainment's giant toy displays for the release of their Overwatch game.

The plan was to recreate the giant Gundam Unicorn statue located in Tokyo using paper. And create a a package design around it.

I set up my illustrator file with all the pieces I needed for the head.

The next step was to try if the pieces work, so I built a prototype.

Knowing that the prototype worked, I built the head using heavy weight paper.

Size comparison

Extra pieces

Creating the illustrator file, printing, cutting, and putting the head together took over 15-20 hours. Taking this into consideration, and knowing that this was the smallest part of the build, I decided to not go ahead with this idea. Failure is just part of the process.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Week 3 Debrief

For the third week of class, we discuss Walter Benjamin's essay, “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction," and set up the CNC machine to cut out a vinyl sticker design. This cutting served as practice for the upcoming Project 1. Getting the right settings for the drag knife to cut out the vinyl sticker took around 2 hours. After several failed attempts, the cut was successful. While I did not get the color I wanted, I am happy with the result. Knowing how long it can take to set up the CNC, I am planning on getting the files for Project 1 processed within the next week, in order to have time to correct any setbacks.